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"Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve"

Ginny Weasley

#ladies and gentlemen #meet ginevra molly weasley #teased 24/7 when she was growing up for having a crush on the famous harry potter #wasn’t allowed to play quidditch with her brothers because she was considered too weak and too little #was constantly overlooked and underestimated because of her size and timidity #was possessed by none other than lord voldemort for basically an entire year #almost fucking died #not only fought off said horcrux for a year #but survived #blossomed #THRIVED #grew up to be a shockingly well adjusted young woman #not even a year later she faced dementors and didn’t even pass out despite the trauma #made the house quidditch team because at the age of six she said ‘fuck it’ and taught herself how to fly on a broom #GREW UP TO PLAY THAT SAID SPORT PROFESSIONALLY LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING BOSS #GREW UP TO BE SENIOR SPORTS EDITOR OF THE FUCKING NEWSPAPER #not only learned how to standup for herself #but also for her fellow classmates  #students who unlike her were still overlooked and underestimated #BECAUSE SHE IS HELLA FUCKING NICE SON #proved her bravery and skill by willingly fighting adult deatheaters at the age of 14 #and at the age of 15 #and at the age of 16 #FUCKING PWNED AND SURVIVED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN #LIKE A BOSS #FUCKING LED THE D.A. #DO. YOU. EVEN. #fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck #ASDFGHJKL; #all in order to help those she cared about and loved #BECAUSE SHE LOVES AND CARES FIERCELY MMK #proved herself to be so charming and so fierce #that soon her pumpkin juice starting bringing all of the boys to her yard #owned her sexuality like a motherfucking QUEEN #when her own brother tried to slut-shame her you know she ended that shit right quick #COULD NOT BE TAMED #WILL NOT BE TAMED #not only won the heart of the D she was yearning for since the age of 10 #but also PUT A RING ON IT #you know thats right #she made sure that shit was hers forevaaaaa #became a momma who still profits dollas #THROW YOUR HANDS UP AT ME  #you know she ballin #BASICALLY YOU FUCKWITS #MEET GINNY WEASLEY #the girl who could NOT be fucked with #the girl who proved all the haters wrong #THE GIRL WHO HAD NERVE


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It’s gone now. The oil’s faded.

But you’re still clever. More than a match for him.

callistawolf Asked:
VANNA. THose tags on the gatiss post. you have killed me.

My answer:


(and for anyone who was wondering) this what she’s talking about:


Mark Gatiss wrote a part for his friend David Tennant in the episode “The Unquiet Dead”, but Russell T. Davies, who was working with David on Casanova and who already had David in mind for the Tenth Doctor, talked Mark into making the mortician character an older man so the part would no longer be appropriate for David — mainly because RTD didn’t want to use David in a small part if he was later going to be the Doctor.


do you ever just miss the ninth doctor and the tenth doctor and donna and rose and martha and jack and mickey and you just


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